Tuesday Tip: Lateral Knee Fractures

Today’s Tuesday Tip is on 3 fractures ( Segond Fracture, Arcuate Fracture and Lateral Fibular Fracture ) that can be seen on the lateral aspect of the knee x-ray which are indicative of underlying tendon or ligament involvement.

The Fibula Fractures which can be an Arcuate Fracture  and / or a Lateral Fibular Fracture indicates the need for further assessment with MRI of Postero Lateral Corner Injuries or MRI of the LCL and Biceps Femoris for Tears and avulsion / rupture.

The Lateral Tibial plateau fracture indicates the need for further assessment with MRI for a Segond Fracture, tear of the Antero Lateral Ligament and ACL tear.

Thank you to Dr Anil Kookana from Adelaide, Australia for the x-ray.


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Whats the Purpose of the Tuesday Tips?: Many of the Tuesday Tip posts arise from questions or difficulties that people bring up in the Mini Fellowships. These posts are meant to be short and concise to answer those questions.



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March 23, 2020