Tuesday Tip: Glenoid Cartilage: Where and What to look for in Shoulder Dislocations

Good Evening After a break we are starting up again for the year. The break was less holidays and more a chance to work on improvements to the Posts and Workshops.

First change is with Tuesday Tips which now has what we think is a cleaner and easier to read design ( 🙏thanks to Catherine our new designer). We are also expanding the Tuesday Tips topics and will have 3 new contributors from next week for Rheumatology, Emergency Radiology and Abdominal Imaging which will be our new sections this year.

Lots of other changes and improvements with the Workshops which we will introduce progressively. For now its the first Tuesday Tip of the year.  Have a good evening.


Whats the Purpose of the Tuesday Tips?: Many of the Tuesday Tip posts arise from questions or difficulties that people bring up in the Mini Fellowships. These posts are meant to be short and concise to answer those questions.


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January 21, 2020