Tuesday Tip: Small Fractures How to Find them on MRI


Good evening today’s Tuesday Tip is on how to find a small fractures on MR.  These can be difficult to visualise as the fragment may be too small to confidently see. However you can use the absence of the cortical margin as a clue to the presence of the fracture. More on how to do that in the image below.

mri fracture how to find radiology education asia tuesday tip

We also have related posts on How to find Periosteal Stripping on MR and the Various appearances of Traumatic Periosteal changes on MR by clicking on the images below.


shoulder-mri-periosteum-stripping-scarring-radedasia-radiology-education-retractionmri periosteum callus periosteal new bone radedasia radiology education


Whats the Purpose of the Tuesday Tips?: Many of the Tuesday Tip posts arise from questions or difficulties that people bring up in the Mini Fellowships. These posts are meant to be short and concise to answer those questions.


mri msk fellowship radiology conference radedasia radiology education asia


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December 3, 2019