MSK MRI Mini Fellowship

Radiology Conference MSK MRI Mini Fellowship.

We have always aimed at getting you to a stage where on the day after the workshop you are much more confident and comfortable reporting MRI than you were before the workshop. But it still comes as such a pleasant surprise to get feedback that lets us know we are on the right track.

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We want to further improve on this so in 2018 we are having a very major upgrade. We will be running the teaching as a Mini Fellowship, aimed at  you going back to work and reporting the MRI scans on your list more confidently and accurately.

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  1. The Mini Fellowship is aimed at enabling you to learn, practice and retain the knowledge.
  2. We start 30 days before the workshop with a Pre Workshop Preparatory Course which will be concise and structured teaching of the important MSK abnormalities and will incorporate instructional videos,  dicom viewing and posts and the ability to ask questions and seek clarification as you go along so that you will have a lot more knowledge before you come to the workshop. The course will have all the information required for a to get a head start on diagnosis.. We aim for you to have a very sound knowledge of the abnormalities before you get to the workshop.
  3. The 2 Day Workshop will then be focused on guided review of 100’s of cases and we will concentrate on viewing, diagnosing and reporting the dicoms like you do at work.
  4. Post workshop 1 Month Review with dicoms, quizzes, videos, posts and to keep asking questions and seek clarification in order to  consolidate what you have learnt.

We wont stop making further improvements (we will have a redesigned and improved workbook and there will be a lot more quizzes which have been really well received in recent workshops) but these big changes will go a lot further to our aim of getting you going back to work on the day after the workshop and reporting the MRI scans on your list more confidently and accurately.

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November 29, 2017