Workshop Upgrades for 2018

We have always aimed at getting you to a stage where on the day after the workshop you are much more confident and comfortable reporting MRI than you were before the workshop. But it still comes as such a pleasant surprise to get feedback that lets us know we are on the right track.

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But we think we can do more to achieve this aim so we are having a major Workshop Operating System Upgrade with big changes for the 2018. After each workshop we look at what can be improved and make changes for the next, a bit like upgrading the operating system on your phone. But for 2018 instead of incremental changes we are going to make some major improvements, a bit like jumping from an Iphone 6 to a Iphone X.

Even though you see lots of dicoms during the workshops, we have always recognised that more dicoms should be viewed in more depth and the amount of new information you are presented with at the workshop should be reduced. But how to do this without reducing the number of MRI pathologies you learn to diagnose? By you learning a lot more of the background knowledge before you get to the workshop.

So in 2018:

  1. The Pre Workshop Programme will be much more detailed and structured and will incorporate dicom viewing so that you will have a lot more knowledge before you come to the workshop.The posts will have all the information required for a particular pathology and most importantly we will now have dicoms that you can scroll through in the posts to get a head start on diagnosing the pathology.
  2. Live interactive video based learning during the Pre Workshop Course.
  3. Workshop focused on you seeing many more cases and we will concentrate on viewing, diagnosing and reporting the dicoms like you have to do at work.

We wont stop making further improvements (we will have a redesigned and improved workbook and there will be a lot more quizzes which have been really well received in recent workshops) but these big changes will go a lot further to our aim of getting you going back to work on the day after the workshop and reporting the MRI scans on your list more confidently and accurately.

radiology conference workshop 2018 mri education asia

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November 29, 2017