Learn by Doing


Going to conferences can help but the learning is limited because its passive. My best learning happened in my fellowships in MSK and Neuro MRI. I learnt how to interpret a scan, what to look for and very importantly, what to ignore. Every small thing can become a worry if we don’t have the experience. They key to learning was having someone experienced sitting with me, who could teach, pick up my mistakes, answer my questions and give me the confidence to build on my work.

Often as trainees, particularly in Asia, we don’t have this opportunity and once we have graduated and start working, its very difficult to go back to a fellowship. We miss out. 


Our aim is for you to go back to work on the day after the workshop and report the MRI scans on your list more confidently. Here is what we do. We start with a detailed and structured 1 Month Pre Workshop Review Programme with online dicom viewing, where you learn the important knowledge before you come to the workshop. Then a 2 day workshop, where you are guided to review hundreds of cases and can ask questions to work out how to come to a diagnosis rather than just recognise an image. Add to that a 1 month Post Workshop Review to help you remember what you have learnt. You learn by DOING, which is the most effective way to learn. Hear what some of our previous participants  think about the workshops in the video on your right.






Hands On Workshops

We run workstation based intensive Imaging Workshops, have a look at our events list. If you would like us to run these workshops in your country, get in touch with us.


Trainee Teaching

This is so important. If you are from a training hospital in the region, please get in touch with us, we would be very interested to work with your department to run our workshops for your trainees. 



We give lectures, present at meetings and can even run our workshops as part of your annual meeting. Get in touch with us to discuss this.


Enterprise Learning

Structured learning and workshops for your radiologists. Hands on ultrasound training for your ultrasound staff by very experienced sonographers, across your Hospital Group  

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