It would be nice to say we are back from holidays but unfortunately not. We have been working on new Mini Fellowships and will start the New Year with new Mini Fellowships on MRI Hip and MRI Foot/ Toes and updated Mini Fellowships on Knee, Shoulder and Ankle MRI.


They are vastly different to the standard online courses. So what’s different about these mini Fellowships?


See the video below and there is more on all the Mini Fellowships at our new Course site at this link


Have a good weekend.


Click on the mage below to watch Video.

radiology course learn mri online radedasia


Learn more at our Online and Onsite GUIDED LEARNING mini-fellowships. Click on the image below:

online radiology conference course mri fellowship

What’s the Purpose of the Tuesday Tips? Many of the Tuesday Tip posts arise from questions or difficulties that people bring up in the Mini Fellowships. These posts are meant to be short and concise to answer those questions.



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