GLENOID LABRUM MRI SIMPLIFIED 4: Sublabral Foramen and Recess

In the last post we looked at the Buford Complex. In this post lets look at the remaining two normal labral variants, the Sublabral Recess and the Sublabral Foramen

Definition: Regions where a normal labrum is present but it is not attached to the glenoid.

Where are they found?

  • Sublabral Recess: Anterior portion of the Superior labrum not attached to the glenoid

  • Sublabral Foramen: Anterior Superior Labrum not attached to the glenoid


MRI appearance:

  • Fluid signal seen between the labrum and glenoid

  • Limited to above the equator and anterior to the biceps insertion

  • If the the signal between the labrum and glenoid extends into the anterior inferior labrum or posterior to the biceps insertion, it is a tear.


KEY POINT: The Sublabral recess does not extend posterior to the Biceps Insertion and the Sublabral Foramen does not extend inferior to the equator into the anterior inferior labrum. If there is extension beyond these regions, then it is a tear.

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