Take your radiology articles to Bali: The best way to store and organise all your journal articles

Going to Bali or Borocay for a holiday and just have to read all the radiology articles in AJR and Radiographics you missed in the year? Work at different sites during the week or have limited internet access? How do you get easy access to articles?

I carry around a few thousand articles in my laptop when I go to work. Every article I read and many more I havent had the time to read, are stored. Whenever I see an interesting article or an article about something I dont see very often and know too much about, but think that one day I may come across, I download and store it. Thats great, but how to store and organise them so that they can be easily searched and accessed when you need it?

Mendeley is the answer. Mendeley at its most basic, is a fantastic pdf organiser, which is what most radiologists need. It will store, organise and allow you to quickly search your articles and when I needed more information on Hyperechoeic Renal Pyramids in Neonates ( not something I see regularly but did happen to see a few days ago) I searched in the app and found an about it article I dont even remember downloading. You can organise your articles in folders but the search function is very powerful, so I just type in what Im looking for and all the articles that deal with it are listed. It works on Mac and PC, has a mobile version and its free.

Free and fantastic, what more can you want? So leave the gossip magazines and trashy novels at home and take your radiology library with you on your next holiday and you will come back relaxed, well fed and branier.

Here’s the link if you want to know more. Mendeley

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