TUESDAY TIP: MRI Knee Cartilage: What’s Normal and Why?

Today’s Tuesday tip is our YouTube Video on why normal cartilage has a laminar type appearance with different signal in different layers.

To understand abnormal cartilage in say MRI of the knee osteoarthritis an understanding of the normal MRI appearance of cartilage will help to make a more accurate diagnosis. If we want to understand cartilage degeneration we need to first know what normal cartilage looks like. Normal cartilage on MRI has a tri-laminar appearance, why is that? In today’s video, we look at normal cartilage on knee MRI as an example of MRI appearance of cartilage in other joints, the variations in appearance of normal cartilage on MRI and a brief look at some theories of why there are different signal intensities in normal cartilage.

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Whats the Purpose of the Tuesday Tips?: Many of the Tuesday Tip posts arise from questions or difficulties that people bring up in the Mini Fellowships. These posts are meant to be short and concise to answer those questions.



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