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To understand the Romanus Lesion or Corner Inflammatory Lesion as its described on MRI, its important to understand  the anatomy of the endplate and enthesis it forms with the annulus.

romanus lesion endplate anatomy mri enthesitis radedasia

This post was done together with Dr Joe Thomas who is a very talented Rheumatologist from Kochi India who is also part of our Spine Arthritis and Spondyloarthritis Imaging Mini Fellowship.  Joe has a great interest in Imaging of Arthropathies and will bring the important clinical aspect to the imaging findings we discuss.

The images in today’s tip are adapted ( circles and arrows added, (white arrow is the nucleus pulposus) from a very nice article in Global Spine Journal 2013 Jun; 3(3): 153–164 The Role of the Vertebral End Plate in Low Back Pain by J.C. Lotz et al which can be found at this link

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