mri biceps tendon tendonosis and tenosynovitis


MRI BICEPS TENDON. We are looking at MRI of Tendonosis / Tendonitis and Tenosynovitis of the Biceps Tendon this week in the MRI Shoulder Mini fellowship.

Here is a pattern of changes in the Biceps tendon sheath, but can be used in most tendons in the body.

1. Uncomplicated tendon sheath fluid is bright on PD/T2 and T2FS/ PDFS ( Orange Arrow)

2. Synovitis/ Synovial thickening becomes intermediate in signal ( Pink Arrow)

3. Tendonosis is Intermediate signal on PD/T2 ( Blue arrow) and may or may not be associated with enlargement of the tendon.

biceps tendon mri tendonosis tenosynovitis

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