Dr. Ravi Padmanabhan


Why learn by doing ?

In my 20 years as a radiologist, I have attended conferences, read radiology books and journals in order to learn and keep up with new information. But what has always puzzled me is the disconnect between how we learn and how we report in real life as radiologists.

In conferences, journals and books, people put up images of conditions and we learn to recognise an image.

But in real life reporting, problems don’t usually fit an image. We need to know how to bring together various bits of information to solve problems versus recognise an image. A good radiologist is a problem solver not an image recogniser. But how do we learn this?

Learning by doing is the only way to learn to solve problems.

How can you Learn by Doing ?

As a trainee, we learn the most by reporting and discussing cases with more experienced radiologists. This is the best method to learn and at Radiology Education Asia (RadEdAsia) we follow a similar structure, and have been providing intensive hands on, workstation based imaging workshops for over a decade. Structured, one or two day workshops, viewing hundreds of cases on workstations with a very experienced radiologist presenting and also going through cases with you, so that you can ask questions and learn to interpret cases just as you need to do in your daily work.

Online Radiology Courses that will MAKE A DIFFERENCE to you reporting

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