Atul Gawande on Coaching in Medicine: How Good you are now versus how good you can be.

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I had heard of Atul Gawande but had never read any of his books until recently when I was given Being Mortal. I have enjoyed reading this so much that I started seeing waht else he had written or spoken about and came across this marvellous talk on coaching in Medicine.

” How do professionals get better at what they do?” We al know about sports coaches and how they improve the ability of players but never seem to think that its relevant in medicine. We finish our degree, coast for a few years on the knowledge we have, gaining some from CME we have to do but never really expanding to be as good as we could possibly be.

In this very interesting talk, Atul Gawande a surgeon, makes the case for coaches in medicine to improve our skills and to get closer to how good we could actually be.

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