Four Books For Four Quarters: Great books on more effective and satisfying work and life

Its the start of a new year of reading and here is a list of four books that I have found very beneficial. None have anything to do with radiology or medicine but have insights that can make work and life far more productive and satisfying. One review for each quarter (not seasons as there are only 2 seasons in Singapore, hot season and hot and wet season), starting with Deep Work by Cal Newport. This is such an extraordinary book, explaining why in a increasingly knowledge based economy, the ability to focus and work at a deep rather than a shallow level will separate out those who succeed and don’t. Full of practical tips on how to implement this. The review is at this link on our website Deep Work: Why you wont see Sachin or Ronaldo checking texts on the field.


The other three books are below and will be reviewed each quarter.

The Power of Habit: Why we do What We Do… Charles Duhigg

Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less Greg McKeowan

Faster, Better, Smarter: The Secrets of Being Productive Charles Duhigg

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