GLENOID LABRUM MRI SIMPLIFIED 2: Are you normal or not?

The problem: Many normal labral variants get called tears. How do we differentiate a normal labral variant from a tear?

The solution: Normal labral variants occur in specific areas of the glenoid labrum. Understand their typical location and you will not confuse them with tears.

If you havent read the first post on the classification of the anatomy of the glenoid labrum, please read that first as this will only make sense if you have read that. You can find that post by clicking HERE

Normal labral variants occur in 2 places

  • Anterior Superior Quadrant

  • anterior half of the Superior Quadrant ( that is anterior to the Biceps Insertion)

  • KEY POINT If the abnormality goes posterior to or into the biceps tendon insertion or extends below the equator into the anterior inferior quadrant, it is NOT a variant


 There are three normal variants we need to recognise

  • Buford Complex

  • Sublabral Foramen

  • Sublabral recess

Lets start with the Buford Complex in the next post.

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