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With fluid deep to the ITB we have 2 possibilities. 

    • It's a recess of the suprapatellar bursa or,

    • It's an ITB bursa (an adventitial bursa which develops due to friction).

  • ITB BURSA will NOT communicate with the suprapatellar recess or supraptellar bursa .
  • SUPRAPATELLAR RECESS will communicate with the joint via the suprapatellar bursa.

  • Follow the axial scans from superior to inferior.

  • See if you can spot any communication between the the fluid and the suprapatellar bursa/recess.

  • If you can't see any communication it's an ITB bursa.

  • You can confuse a normal supra patellar recess with an ITB bursa.


  • But the recess will communicate with the joint and the ITB bursa won't.


  • On axial scans look for communication between joint/ recess and the fluid collection.

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