Elbow Joints Normal Variants on MRI

There are a few intra articular normal variants that we will commonly see on MRI of the elbow. This post reviews the four most common variants that could be confused with pathology.

1. Trochlear Ridge

mri elbow normal variant trochlear ridge radiology education asiaImage Above: Blue Arrow Trochlear ridge. Yellow arrow normal cartilage. Trochlear ridge not covered with cartilage but is approximately the same height as adjacent cartilage.

2. Pseudo Defect of the Trochlear

mri elbow normal variant pseudo defect trochlear radiology education asiaImage above: Pseudo defect of the trochlea ( blue arrow). Localised defect in trochlear groove not covered by cartilage or bone.

3. Pseudo Defect of the Capitellum

mri elbow normal variant pseudo defect capitellum radiology education asiaImage Above: Pseudo defect of the capitellum ( blue arrows). Flattening of the capitellum but covered by cartilage.

mri elbow normal variant pseudo defect capitellum ocd radiology education asiaImage above: Defect caused by OCD is more anterior than a pseudo defect.

4. Synovial Plicae

mri elbow normal variant pseudo synovial fold plicae radiology education asia


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January 7, 2018