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MALAYSIA MRI Spine, Cord and SIJ Mini Fellowship and Workshop

Radiology Conference Malaysia Spine, Cord and SIJ MRI Mini Fellowship and Workstation Workshop The workshop is now full. If you would like to be on the waitlist in case of cancellations, please email us on or message on WhatsApp +65 94882623 with your name and “KL Spine Waitlist”. We will be starting 2019 in Malaysia with the  2 Day Spine, Cord and SIJ MRI Workstation Mini Fellowship and Workshop in Kuala Lumpur on the 26th and 27th of January 2019 and registration is now open. Spinal Imaging is so common but we often don’t get taught a structured way to assess the spine, cord and SIJ and the various pathologies. In the Workshop we will cover all the major and common abnormalities seen in these regions. Click on the image below for the agenda for the workshop. radiology conference mri fellowship radedasia education asia agenda MRI MINI FELLOWSHIP AND WORKSHOP: WHAT IS IT? In my Fellowship, like most Fellowships, I learnt through a combination of reading for background knowledge, seeing lots of cases and having someone sitting next to me who could answer specific questions and point out  abnormalities and how to find them which is a very effective method of learning. But for a lot of people they either don’t have access to a Fellowship or are unable to spare the time for a  1 or 2 year fellowship…and miss out. They try to learn by reading journals or seeing powerpoints at conferences which dont really work in teaching you how to read and more confidently interpret a scan. We structure our workshops with a Fellowship method of learning, together with constant repetition and review of what you learn, and these combined are much more effective in learning and retaining knowledge than the standard conferences or just reading journals. SO WHATS INVOLVED IN THE MINI FELLOWSHIP?
  1. A structured 30 Day  Pre Workshop Learning with Dicoms, How to Videos and Posts to get you the basic information before the workshop.
  2. Then a 2 Day Workstation Workshop to build on the pre workshop course and further learn to assess 100’s of dicom cases.
  3. Followed by a 30 Day Post Workshop Review Programme to refresh and help retain what you have learnt.
radiology conference malaysia singapore penang radedasia mri education asia radiology conference malaysia singapore penang mri education asia radedasia The Mini Fellowship is aimed at enabling you to learn, practice and retain knowledge and to go back to work reporting the MRI scans on your list more confidently and accurately. Our workshops have been popular as they provide a hands on learning where you see 100’s of dicoms on individual workstations. You will see and diagnose more pathology in a weekend than most people will see in years. radiology conference mri fellowship radedasia radiology education asia CPD POINTS will be allocated by MMA and RANZCR. RANZCR will credit 33.5 CPD points which are recognised by most International Colleges and Health Authorities. RCR will recognise points awarded by RANZCR. WHO IS THIS WORKSHOP FOR? We have Radiologists, Rheumatologists and Sports Medicine Physicians attending and the workshop will be suitable for any Medical Doctor who has an interest in or deals with MSK injuries. The level of the workshop is for Doctors with limited to intermediate experience in Spinal MRI who wish to improve their reporting of Spine MRI cases. The workshop would not be suitable for you if you have significant experience in reporting Spine MRI or have done a MSK or Neuro Fellowship. radiology conference fellowship radedasia  radiology congerence mri fellowship radedasia   radiology conference mri fellowship radedasia radiology conference fellowship mri radedasia education asia

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