RadEdAsia ( Radiology Education Asia) has been providing hands-on workshops in MRI in the Asia/ Australia region for over 10 years. We have concentrated on MRI education and our old website was fairly basic. But all that is now changing. Beginning 2016 we have expanded the list of MRI workshops and we will also be providing intensive, workstation based hands on CT workshops, ultrasound scanning training and ultrasound and CT guided interventional training. Our website has been completely redone and will have regular posts on practical imaging topics which are short and to the point. Short, fun and practical radiology information to use in your daily work from a group of international experts in each field.

Connect with us on our Facebook, Google + and Instagram sites which have also be updated and we will regularly post to them with the latest content and let us know if there are any particular topics you want us to cover. Thanks for visiting us.

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