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Pre Load with Knowledge not Alcohol

What do excessive drinking and learning have in common? Australia’s love of alcohol has resulted in phenomenon called preloading. This is where people fill up with cheap alcohol in their house before going to a nightclub. So that when they are at the nightclub they wont have to spend too much on expensive drinks to get high as they have already had alcohol at home.

So in the spirit of Preloading we are going to do that just with our workshops but fill up with knowledge rather than alcohol. Starting 1 month before the workshops we are now sending brief reads on topics that we will cover in the workshop. In this way when you get to the workshop, a lot of what you will be learning wont be entirely new. You can focus your attention more on viewing dicoms and the presentations become a more of a refresher of what you know from the preloading. Combined with a 1 month post workshop review programme that refreshes your memory of what has been learnt, this will make a big difference to how much you learn and retain from the workshop. So….Cheers

Workshops in Manila, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur and Abu Dhabi.

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