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Radiology Conference Malaysia Spine, Cord and SIJ MRI Workstation Workshop Kuala Lumpur

Radiology Conference Malaysia Kuala Lumpur Spine, Cord and SIJ MRI Workstation Workshop We will be having our 2nd Spine , Cord and SIJ MRI Workstation workshop in KL on the 4th and 5th of August 2017. This is such a common area to image but we often dont get taught a structured way to assess the spine and the various pathologies. Last year we had a one day workshop and were limited by time in what we could cover. This year we will have a 2  day workshop and have a really comprehensive coverage of spinal, cord and SIJ imaging. Our workshops have been popular as they provide a hands on learning where you see 100’s of dicoms on individual workstations. You will see and diagnose more pathology in a weekend than most people will see in years. The 3R’s: We have also commenced a 1 month Pre and Post workshop review programme that is included with the workshop. One of the big issues is forgetting. We all know the feeling of learning and then rapidly forgetting what we have learnt.  So…Starting 1 month before the workshops we are now sending brief reads on topics that we will cover in the workshop. In this way when you get to the workshop, a lot of what you will be learning wont be entirely new. You can focus your attention more on viewing dicoms and the presentations become more of a refresher of what you know from the preloading. Combined with a 1 month post workshop review programme that refreshes your memory of what has been learnt, this will make a big difference to how much you learn and retain from the workshop. Review images and scans, Refresh your memory and Retain more of what you have learnt. Venue: We have now confirmed the venue at our usual hotel in KL, The Gardens Hotel in Mid Valley. The event will be held in Skyview 7 . There are some illustrated reasons below why people come to the workshops. We hope to see you there. Radiology Education Asia MSK MRI Conference Jakarta radiology conference penang kuala lumpur malaysia spine Radiology Education Asia MSK MRI Conference Malaysia To download the Programme please Open the Link Below Spine, Cord and SIJ Workstation Workshop Programme

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