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Why Radiology? The benefit of being Overworked.

After finishing medicine at the University of Melbourne, I was intent on being a Physician and was in the Physicians training programme. It may have changed now, but the days were overwhelming, with very long and exhausting shifts. It wasn’t uncommon to start on Friday morning and finish only on Monday evening.

One day around 5.30 in the evening when I was at the end of a 72 hr shift with minimal sleep, I went down to Radiology to request an urgent scan and ….the place was empty. The Radiology fellows had all left by 5 and thats when I thought…What am I doing in this Physicians training? A few days later I applied for the programme…but didn’t get in as the places were already taken. Luckily I got in the following year.

At the time Radiology was an escape from something else but, it soon became central to my working life and has been responsible for so many of the things that followed. Nothing like being overworked to make you see the light 😀

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