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How did I end up choosing MRI as my sub specialty? The benefit of Rejection.

I had just finished my Radiology training from Royal Melbourne Hospital. It was time for the final step, the fellowship.

I had always been interested in Ultrasound and particularly Obstetric Ultrasound but my own college didn’t offer the fellowship. So I applied to the Obstetric College.

I was quietly confident of getting in…I was the only applicant that year so how hard could it be? But then the rejection letter came …radiologists can’t be trained by obstetricians!

I had left it late to apply, all the other fellowship positions were filled…so no job.

A few days later, I received a call from Dr Stacey Goergen from Monash Medical Center asking if I was interested in doing a MRI Fellowship. I didn’t know much about MRI at that time but in the absence of any other option, I took up the offer. And that proved to be a huge turning point in my career where MRI became my main focus.

Because of a rejection and some luck (thank you Stacey) today I am in a fortunate position of working in a field I really enjoy and am able to teach to others.

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