I catch a lot of taxis and anyone who has experienced the taxi system in Singapore knows how fantastic it is. But what makes it like that?
  • Taxis are plentiful and affordable
  • Taxis  are modern, clean, safe and comfortable.
  • Honesty: I have yet to be cheated or more importantly, even feel that I might have been cheated by a taxi driver. You pay for the service and get what you expect with no extra miles/ services to increase the charges.
  • Reliability: Apart from limited peak periods when the system gets overloaded, you will get a taxi pretty much when you need it.
  • Accountability: Have an issue with the driver, service or even the passenger’s behaviour? Systems are in place so that your problems can be resolved.
  • Friendly: The biggest danger getting into a Singapore taxi is going deaf from the  chattiness of most drivers. You can have a technically great service, but if your driver is rude, unfriendly or arrogant the service is worthless.
Now go back to the list above and substitute Doctor/ Hospital/ Health System for taxis or taxi drivers. If you can have a health system and staff based on what the taxi system and drivers in Singapore do, you would have a good blueprint for a health system that people want and deserve.