mri shoulder labrum normal variation tear radedasia

MRI of the Shoulder Labrum usually demonstrates the labrum firmly attached to the glenoid with no gap or abnormal signal between it and the glenoid (Pink arrow).


When there is a tear high fluid signal extends between the labrum and the glenoid (Blue arrow).


However there can be intermediate signal between the glenoid and the labrum which is an extension of cartilage, undercutting the labrum.



You can distinguish it from a tear by:

  1. Its signal which will be the same as adjacent cartilage which is an intermediate signal (Orange arrow).
  2. And it will be continuous with adjacent glenoid cartilage.
mri shoulder labrum undercutting report radedasia

We look at MRI of the Shoulder in more detail in the MRI Shoulder Mini Fellowship. Click on the link below.

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