An os acromiale is a persistent accessory ossification centre of the lateral acromion.

  • It's normal to see the accessory ossification centre until around 15 years of age.
  • But there should be complete fuse by 25.
  • If there is non fusion and a persistent os after 25, it's termed an os acromiale.

It may be completely asymptomatic but there are two potential complications.

  1. Impingement on the Rotator Cuff tendons.
  2. Acromial apophysiolysis.

  • There can be abnormal movement between the acromion and the OS Acromiale.
  • This results in the OS moving inferiorly & impinging on the RCT.
  • Additionally, if there is malalignment between the OS and the Clavicle, this can lead to narrowing of the subacromial space.
  • For acromial apophysiolysis, we will look at this specifically in the next post.

  • So how do you best recognise an Os Acromiale on Shoulder MRI.


  • Its easy to miss if you don’t look for it specifically and the key is to look at the axial scans where it is most obvious.


  • You can see it on coronal images but it's much harder and sagittals are not much help.


  • See the video below which demonstrates how to find an os acromiale on MRI Shoulder.

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