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Dr Ravi spoke at the Indian Rheumatology Association Annual Meeting ( IRACON ) on MRI assessment of the spine in Spondyloarthropathies. This is a talk that is tailored for Rheumatologists. 

As a Rheumatologist you are not expected to look at a scan like a radiologist but you should be able to look at a scan and have an understanding of what to look for, where to look and how to interpret it. And importantly have some knowledge before you go and discuss a case with the radiologist.

In the talk he went thorough:

  1. The Basic Sequences you should know.
  2. The types of signal changes you should recognise and what they mean.
  3. What abnormalities and where you should look for.
  4. A structure to assess a scan.

The talk has been broken into different sections and is posted below.

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